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* A dedicated credit line to use again and again at

TX Fine Furniture

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* Schedule up to next 12 payments

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* Cardholder-Only

special Offers

All that and more

Synchrony bank is one of our most trusted partners. Thanks to them, we are able to offer our customers financing from 6 to 48 months at 0% interest. 

* Subject to Credit Approval. Minimum Monthly Payment Required. See store for details. We reserve the right to alter or discountinue these offers st any time.


No Credit or Bad Credit = No Problem!

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Eligibility requirements

Income History

Do you have a three-month history with your current employer or source of income?

Monthly Income

Do you deposit $1,000 or more into your checking account each month?

Checking Account

Have you had a checking account for at least 90 days?

Checking Activity

Is your checking account free from NSFs, excessive overdrafts, and negative balances?