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TX Fine Furniture Store in Laredo TX - Mattress Showroom
tempurpedic probreeze medium hybrid queen ergo in Laredo texas


Discover Your Perfect Sleep with Premium Mattresses in Laredo, TX.

Redefine your sleep, checkout our collection, and take home the perfect mattress.

What size of mattress do you need?

Before you start shopping, let's make sure we get you the right size mattress. Please use the images below as a referance the click on next step to start your journey to better sleep. 

Queen Size Mattress Messurements.png
Twin size mattress messurments.png
Full Size mMattress Messurements.png
California King Size Messurements.png


King Size Mattress Messurments.png

Soft, Firm, or Confused? 😕

Couple's Feet in Bed


A firm mattress offers several benefits for those seeking optimal support and allignment during sleep. A firm mattress also allows for enhanced circulation, as it doesn't restrict blood flow by pressing against your body. A firm mattress can provide extra durability and logevity, making it a suitanle choice for heavier individuals and back sleepers.


A soft mattress offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it provides excellent pressure releif, as it contours to your body's natural curves, reducing the likelihood of waking up with pain or discomfort. It's an ideal choise for lightweight individuals, side sleepers, and those who enjoy a plush and cushioned feel while resting.

If you're not sure what mattress would be better for you, here are a few tips that'll help you make a wise decision. * Understand your needs like size and favorite sleeping positions. Visit TX Fine Furniture's Mattress Showroom and speek with one of our mattress expert. TX Fine Furniture Store in Laredo, TX was named the #1 Mattress Store in Laredo, TX by readers of Laredo Morning Times

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Our Mattress Brands - TX Fine Furniture

TX Fine Furniture offers Mattress Brands You Know and Trust. Below is a list of all the brands available on our floor and website. Let us know if you have any questions or if you need any assistance.

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