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Register Your Mattress - It's Fast and Easy.

Congratulations on the  purchase of a New  Mattress from TX Fine Furniture in Laredo, TX. All mattresses on our floor have been carefully selected to ensure the most quality for your money, and registering your new bed is the best way to make sure you are covered long-term.

Please complete the form below to register your new mattress and activate its warranty period. Plus, it's and easy way to stay connected with us!

Registration Form

In what location did you make your purchase?

What Company, Model, and Size is your mattress?

Use information on "Pink Receipt".

Warranty Claim

Filling a warranty claim is simple, but we do require some information along with pictures. We will guide you through every step of the way. Let's get started.

But first, we need to make sure that your mattress is eligible for a warranty claim. 

  • Customer must have the original pink receipt, warranty will not be valid if proof of purchase is not available. NO EXCEPTIONS (if you registered your mattress, we have a copy on file).

  • ANY rips, stains, or tears will void the mattress' warranty.

  • Body impressions (cave-ins) must be greater than 2" in depth, which is the industry standard.

  • Mattress and foundation must have proper support.

  • Mattress warranty will be voided if customer purchased mattress only and places mattress on broken/damaged foundation (boxspring) or platform bed.

What's covered under warranty?

  • If mattress suffers a body impression (cave-in) greater that 2" in depth.

  • If springs puncture the top or side of your mattress.

  • If the thread around the mattress is coming apart and exposing the interior content (additional information may be required).

  • If foundation is broken (must be purchased from TX Fine Furniture). 

In order for us to file a  warranty claim with your manufacturer, we will require a series of photographs. please submit pictures of your damaged mattress using the pictures below as a reference. 

Picture #1). Proof of purchase.


Picture #2). Top of mattress without sheets.


Picture #4). Use measuring tape and a stick to show depth.


Picture #5). If problem with thread, spring or side.


Picture #3). "ALL" law tags.


Picture #6). Boxspring


Picture #7). Show support under mattress. Bed or Rails.


Send pictures to:

TX Fine Furniture does not approve or deny warranty claims. The information submitted is for TX Fine Furniture to file a warranty claim on our customer's behalf. Manufacturers are who make a decision based on information provided.

A $45 service & transportation fee will be due after approval but before delivery.

Each claim is different so we handle them as such. Our team will provide updates on status, deductibles (if any), and service dates.

click below to get started.

Warranty Claims
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